Our Team


Our Mission

To Design the Infrastructure that Connects People.

Our Vision

To help connect the World; Everyone, Everywhere.

Our Values


We bring our innovative ideas to the table. We think creatively. We propose and debate new and unique solutions. We find solutions to problems that don’t exist.


Engineering Code of Conduct. We do what is right, not necessarily what is easy. We take responsibility for our mistakes. We keep our promises.

Value Growth

We are always learning, everyday of our life, personally and professionally. We own our professional development and Teletek supports us as an accountability partner.


We take care. … of our self, our team, our customers, our partners. Self-care is important. We manage our time, respect others’ timelines. We work together, we celebrate together, we support each other.


We are agile and open to change. Our team is multi-talented and skilled and we leverage each other’s strengths. We can transition from one problem to the next. We are able to adjust to quick turnarounds.

Team Resourcefulness

Everyone on the team is resourceful, inventive and collaborate with each other to achieve their work, their professional goals and Teletek’s mission as a company.


Respect. We stay positive. We treat each other with respect and kindness. We celebrate and respect our abilities, achievements and our differences. We know that respect builds trust, and trust builds a strong collaborative team. We have zero tolerance for abuse or lack of respect from anyone, including teammates, partners, suppliers, clients or co-workers.



Laura Marciniwe

President/Chief Engineer
Laura loves PROBLEM SOLVING. This, combined with her sheer determination has transformed Teletek into what it is today. There's an excitement when she approaches a project, and she's driven by the thrill of finding a solution.


Drew Dietrich

Junior Engineer
Drew completes telecommunication tower inspections, construction drawings and structural analyses. He has a Civil Engineering Degree from McMaster University and has recently completed his Professional Engineering designation in 2020. He has a couple years of experience in the telecommunication field and has inspected many towers throughout Canada.


Robert Wilson

Engineer in Training
Robert graduated from The University of Western Ontario with a degree in Civil Engineering. He conducts site inspections and performs audits on new and existing towers. In his down time Robert likes to head up north to cottage country, Muskoka especially.


Alexandra Kres

Engineer in Training
Alexandra brings a mix of talents to the team. She graduated form the University of Alberta in 2020 and is currently working towards her Professional Engineering designation. In her spare time she's passionate about baking, and she always looks forward to spending time with nature, especially the Rocky Mountains.



Resham Singh Lotay

Structural Detailer/Designer
Resham is an expert at creating preliminary, installation, as built, and inspection drawings for clients. He loves the team environment, and that he's able to further his training and education at Teletek.


Pedja Lizdek

Structural Detailer/Designer
Pedja has been working on designing drawings for rooftop additions. He enjoys the fast-paced work environment, and the fact that the team faces challenges together.


Gagan Batra

Junior Autocad Technician
Gagan recently graduated from Conestoga College, specializing in structural steel and detailing. In his down time, he's an off the beaten path type of travel enthusiast. He especially enjoys exploring the world's more mountainous landscapes.


Mark Simpson

Client Relationship Manager
Mark has over 15 years of experience and business relationships in the industry. He's exceptionally talented at meeting new people and making new connections. In his world, there is no such thing as strangers, only friends he hasn't met yet.

The Field

Christopher Drover

Senior Safety Manager
Christopher is a strategic thinker with over a decade of experience in the telecommunications industry. We rely heavily on his ability to delve into and use past experiences to direct actions in both the present and future.

Aravind Balaji

Field Engineer in Training
Aravind has a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering and specializes in EIT field reports, audits, and construction drawing. In his spare time he likes to maintain a healthy balance of hiking and playing video games, especially FIFA.


Jeanette Gray

Project Coordinator
Jeanette is Laura's right hand. She manages scheduling and keeps everyone on track, making sure they're in the right place at the right time. She ensures that things get done in an organized fashion, and sometimes she even brings us baked goods!

Tracy Hanke

Project Coordinator
Tracy is Laura's left hand? She takes care of accounting and coordinating projects. In her spare time she's heavily involved in coordinating Kitchener Waterloo Youth Basketball. She wears many hats, taking on roles in coaching and managing teams, as well as officiating games.

Human Resources


KIM Snider

People Person
Kim is the “People person!” She is an activator that makes things happen – helping turn the team’s ideas and plans into action. She is a creative person who’s natural optimism inspires people around her.

Support Staff



Chief Morale Officer
Milo can often be seen strutting around the office challenging other members of the team to tug of war contests. While he sometimes get's caught sleeping on the job, or begging for food, he more than makes up for it by maintaining a relaxing and enjoyable working environment.